LOOKING FOR SOME PART-TIME INCOME?  Joan Rippner, RTC is looking for certified RTC /CTRS to consult to her UCP Group Homes.  Contact C 310-383-2933 or

E joanrippnerrtc@gmail.com       

NEED A CATER?  Arvin Hacoupian Private Chef Call or Text 818-397-2719  E: arvinHacoupian@gmail.com Instagram: Hacupian Arvin

When we are able to develop some other events- emails will be sent out and posted on this site.  PLEASE stay safe and well.

​JAS 17th Annual 2022 Workshop - ​URGENT Sand Canyon Country Club has cancelled all of it's all events this year- we are actively looking for other venues and will keep you posted.

JAS is a Continuing Education Provider

for Certified Recreation Therapists

Therapeutic Recreation Services Partnership established in October 1996

Business ID 95-4602142 CEU Provider

Candace Z. From Annual July 2018 event.

Great Conference! I learned a lot of good interventions to improve my career.

Pamela C. From 2012 Malibu event.

Enjoyed this year’s networking session, pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me an opportunity to meet others.

Cheryl K. From Annual July 2018 event.

JAS always has a variety of speakers, and very typical to meet the needs of the RT practitioners.

Barbara F. From Annual July 2018 event.

Love the activity time.

Ms. Justine From Annual July 2018 event.

JAS is an amazing workshop! JAS Rocks!

Cydney K. From Orange Grove Bistro 2017 event.

Great Workshop today! All the speakers were super informative and engaging. I definitely want to come to next year’s workshop.

Cindy J. From Annual July 2018 event.

Learned so much, enjoyed meeting RT’s for many settings.

Dianne W. From 2016 Malibu event.

I have NEVER missed one and plan on returning next year!

Christine A. From 2012 Malibu event.

Always professional, organized and thought out and always put the RT’s First.

Carter W. From 2011 Malibu event.

Caring, compassionate, educational, engaging and delicious food.

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Upcoming Workshop


All of JAS Sponsored CEU Workshops, have specific requirements to keep everyone safe

Contact sponsored organized of workshop for details.

2022 JAS Annual Workshop in Santa Clarita has been cancelled- other venues are being sought. 

PLEASE Stay Safe and well

 We provide workshops specifically for State and/or Nationally Certified Recreation Therapists & students working toward their Bachelors/Master's Degree in Recreation Therapy.

These workshops are held in a variety of settings and topics.

​We also provide the CEU's to a number of other workshops in Central and Southern CA.